It's so fun to learn more about yourself using astrology.
Knowing the cosmic influences over your life can be extremely helpful in solving problems,  deepening relationships and even planning special events.
You can get a ton of clarity for yourself just  by filling out and answering the following questions with as much detail as possible: you could also win a personal Goddess Astrology Assessment and I'll give you some guidance on how to make things easier on yourself! Good Luck and have fun!
let's go!
Which area(s) of your life need a boost?

Date of Birth (for your horoscope, Silly!)

What is your most challenging issue or pressing problem that you face each day? ( be as specific as possible, let's see what we can find out.)

in relation to the biggest challenge you just wrote about..What have you tried already? (and still did not get the results you were hoping for?)

IN regards to your most pressing challenge, finish this sentence.." I just wish................."

What do you suspect is holding you back from your desired result? (just guess)

First Name

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