Hello Goddess! 
The full moon illuminates your desire and the path that will get you there.
What desire is revealing itself to you now? What's your "big wish?"

Has any measure of it's fruition shown itself to you yet? Any evidence that it's on it's way? (little clues, hints..or synchronicities?)

How confident are you that your big wish can come into being by the next full moon?

What is a possible roadblock to your success in regards to your full moon wish? (you can guess here)

What old belief has to be eliminated for this reality to come to be?

Would you like to win an astrology assessment regarding this wish? Sometimes your birth info reveals so much more! 
(if yes, please provide your birthdate)


To reflect your answers back to you in a powerful way that reminds you of your focus, please enter your email.

Any *extra* smaller wishes?

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