Welcome Goddess New Moon Blessings! Close your eyes for a moment and take 3 breaths
Place one hand on your yoni and press gently. Visualizing the clear nighttime sky and tuning in to infinite possibility, what desire(s) or wish(es) or intention(s) begin(s) to emerge?

Have you ever accomplished anything like this before?

When you think of your desire, wish or goal, and on a scale of 1-10, how much do you believe you could achieve it before the next new moon? (approx 1 month from now)

What is the primary fear, or possible problem, you can come up with, when you think about actually having this?

What do you suspect might need to be eliminated or change for your success?

What is a simple beginning thing that you could do now during the new moon window to begin manifesting your desire?

What do you think is really going to be required of you during this moon cycle to experience your desire?

Would you like to be entered to win an astrology assessment on your goals during this new moon cycle?

Your birthdate month/day/year ...for your entry if you want to win

your email: for your custom empowered intention to be sent to you and to notify you if you win. Blessings and Good Luck!


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