Hello Powerful Goddess!
You’ve made an excellent decision in choosing to become more creative and productive, and claiming your power as the Goddess you know you are. You have much to share with the good people on this beautiful, blue sphere we call home. You intuit that you are meant for a life filled with more beauty, truth, wealth, and magic.  Now it’s time to have it all and claim your power!

Here are the inspiring definitions as found in the Webster’s Dictionary:  
* Claim: to demand as rightfully belonging to one | to require | deserve | to assert
 * Power: ability to do or act | vigor, force, strength | authority, influence |

It’s so important for women of this age to wake up to their potentiality as divine creators. When we are inspired to act, ANY empowered act can be developed and lead to future success and will assist us towards our supreme destiny….  

Inside you’ll find the 4 step process to claim your power as a Goddess. Be prepared to activate your strengths with ‘great force and vigor’ and start creating your dream life today.

(and skip my story)

*or read on, sister.......:
Me?  Even as a young teenager I’ve always been reading self-help, metaphysical and psychology books, taking courses and workshops from master teachers and influencers.  I learned a bunch of great techniques and applied each of them as I learned them. I was, and still am, insatiable for knowledge and often find myself teaching and sharing with others to learn more about themselves these fascinating ways too. 

Yet still, somehow even as I continued my studies as an adult.. I allowed myself to want what I thought most people wanted, allowed others to tell me what to do, and even how I should feel. I found myself in a manipulative  partnership, feeling unattractive, powerless and depressed,  so disconnected from my desires, that I didn’t believe I had any real worth or that anything I could or would do, would make any difference to anyone, at all...ever.   

 I totally gave away my power.

I wish I was making this up. But the truth, (as I knew it at that time)
was that I was in some destructive relationships. 
More than just one.
The one with myself was the absolute worst. 
Now these issues were spilling over into a few different aspects of my life.
I was suffering, I cried almost every day.
Life wasn't fun, I felt alone even when I was with other people.
It was pretty horrible, when I think back on it.
My life became so uncomfortable that I started making a few changes.
Like, tiny changes, in what I thought might be possible, for me.  
But they added up so fast!
Then I surprised myself: I started giving away my possessions to friends. I spoke up for myself at work, and walked out. I cut my hair into a very sexy short ‘corporate’ hair style. Who was this woman in the mirror?? I saved up some ‘safety money’ in a sock. I got invited to an ashram and had a profound shaktipat experience with a Goddess and a Guru. I felt the sacred power of the Goddess come through me again. I heard my heartbeat in a new way. I was on fire. Something Shifted.I became a divine channel for more Goddess energy. I knew it, I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening. Then more light and power became available to me. All my old, worn out relationships became obviously strained. It was kind of comedic. It was sad, obviously, but in a ‘good for all concerned’ kind of way. 
It was very clear that almost everything needed to change..
But I knew in my deep, blissed-out, blessed heart that I could take decisive action in ANY direction and have it work out. 

I left my marriage, improved my familial relationships, got a job transfer to a new city, found a glorious new apartment (on the cheap, with a view!) and became an independent young woman. During this whirlwind of change, I also opened my heart and quickly found a great new love, worthy of my trust . I learned so much about myself, and what I was capable of, as I began my journey as a self-proclaimed goddess. 
(Guess what? EVERY woman is a Goddess!)
Since that time, 20 years ago, I’ve been leading women’s empowerment groups in one form or another, and created a business that helps more people than I ever thought possible while being a householder, wife to a husband I love, and mother to three children. I learned truly that I could make a difference. 

You can do this too!
Lets start, right now.
Step One: Own your Truth;  things you love, interests, stuff you are sincere about  qualities you love, things that please you .List some of your favorites here:

Step Two: Activate and Trust your intuition
Allowing yourself to be drawn, pulled, and lead by experiences that will create opportunities for you requires that you pay attention to your physical senses and enjoy them.
What would you love to See with your eyes?

What would you love to hear?

What would you like to feel or touch?

What would you love to taste?

What would you love to smell?

What would you love to intuit or know?

Now pay attention to life..The signs, symbols, what you hear and experience, be very present in each waking moment. Use your senses.

Even more intuitive experiences are available to you. Which interest you the most? check as many as you like

Now let’s talk about timing..Sometimes we get inspired and we must move on our desires and creations right away! The universe loves to put its creational power behind boldness and strong, decisive action.
You can just Go for it!

Would you be willing to try any of these to boost your power?

Step Three: Intentions and Timings Stating your true intention(s) is very important. In order to create a desired result, your intention must be clear, concise, and filled with power. 
Create an intention statement now that holds a real “charge” for you, towards something you desire.. one that holds deep meaning and is filled with beautiful words that stir you, move you and inspire you here:

Before we move on to step 4, I want you to know that you will get a copy of your answers so you can revisit them. Be sure to go back through these later and notice the ones that stir you and inspire you the most. (these will frequently change, so you can revisit this guide just as often)  
Your name and email:

Step Four: Express Your Truth
Now you know your truth, your exercise from step one has shed some light on the things that are deeply meaningful for you.  
In step two you experienced inspiration through your intuition and you have trusted it to lead you right into divine interventions and ‘coincidences’.  
You may have even helped begun to see yourself  planning your perfect timing in step three.
Now if you can express these knowings, inspirations and desires in ANY way, however large or small..You will see your true intentions begin to take physical form as your divine creative expression(s).  
What would you love to experience? check as many as you like!

What are you intuiting that your Divine Expression might look like?

My deepest wishes are:
that this guide has inspired you in some way to take bold decisive action towards expressing your beautiful truth.
You use this tool over and over again as you decide to work with different intentions.
That you’ve learned more about your power and have strategies to claim them now.
That you honor your Goddess Power and use it towards the good of all concerned.
That you be bold enough to share it with the world!
What is your inner knowing telling you now?

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